A simple API for US GeoJSON map data

Boundaries is an easy-to-use HTTP API that allows you to retrieve geography polygons in GeoJSON format. You can use that data to draw shaded city, ZIP code, county, or state geographic boundaries. We store all of the data and make querying easy so you can focus on adding value to your business and product.

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Built for developers

You know that feeling when an API is intuitive? That's what we're going for. Rest assured that attention to detail and developer experience is an integral part of this offering.

Flexible Querying

We keep it simple so you can avoid getting in the weeds of geospatial queries. For most requests, you can just pass a latitude and longitude.

Quality Data

US Counties, States, Zips, and Places are sourced from US Census Bureau Shapefiles. Neighborhood data is sourced from Zillow's Neighborhood Data

We speak GeoJSON.

Let us handle the shapefiles and ogres. All data is returned in GeoJSON (CRS:84), so it's ready to use in nearly any mapping tool, database, or visualization. We can even return TopoJSON if you need smaller data payloads.


We're fast.

Response time to first byte is as low as 100ms so you can work quickly. We like speed and don't like compromising to get it.


We're here for support

Get help when you need it on a paid plan. Whether it's API help, client-side mapping, or visualizations—we can help. You'll speak directly with developers.


What users are saying

it's very nicely done.

Rett Crocker

Rett Crocker


I'm pretty impressed by boundaries.io, this is super neat

Fabien Allanic

Fabien Allanic


The API is awesome.

Gregory Gerard

Gregory Gerard

Lead Web Developer at BLUELaserDigital


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